Woolovers Limited

19 Jul 2016 - Commercial
Woolovers Limited

Who we advised:

Our client was Mark Shenton, the founder and Managing Director of Woolovers; a fast growing online retail business, specialising in woolen jumpers. For Mark, this represented the culmination of over 26 years of work – so in addition to our role as lead legal advisor, there was a huge amount of personal preparation that we coached him through.

What our client said:

“Going through a transaction can be very distracting when you’re running a business. Matthew advised me that the most important thing for me was making sure that the business ran smoothly, and my financial performance stayed stable. To ensure that this could happen, he protected me from all of the legal jargon, the back and forth. He kept me involved in what I needed to know, he translated for me – and above all he made sure I felt in control at all times. You couldn’t wish for a nicer guy than Matthew – and we’ve actually become good friends through the process. When the transaction ramped up momentum, he said to me ‘you’ve got my undivided attention’, ‘whatever you need’. You really need that at a time which is incredibly surreal.”

Mark Shenton, founder, Woolovers Limited

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