Company Culture: three approaches Lush have taken to apply expertly crafted customer service

February 16, 2018

At gunnercooke, our model is based around a culture of innovation.

We passionately believe that without a culture, any business model can be copied, which is the reason we place so much emphasis upon developing and strengthening the ethos and cultural heart of gunnercooke. We strive to enable our lawyers to operate quickly, efficiently and with clients at the forefront of their minds.

In this series, we’ll be taking a closer look at those businesses who have implemented a strong company culture, and what it is that has enabled them to go that extra mile in providing excellent customer service, which in turn, has led them to attract loyal and supportive customers.

While the face of retail has changed dramatically in recent years, competing on service in this market requires an immersive experience for every single person who walks in the front door. It is this positive, personal experience which makes customers want to return to a shop again and again, bringing along friends to enjoy the experience with them.

In our second blog we’ll be focusing on Lush, a high-street cosmetics retailer that manufactures environmentally friendly products, free from animal testing. Not only that, but the company has previously been voted Britain’s best shop on the high street for customer service by consumer choice expert ‘Which?’ for three years running. Here’s why…

They show you the benefits, as opposed to telling you

Walking into a Lush store is a multi-sensory experience. The smell of their homemade products greets you on entry, the open layout invites you to touch and interact with the things on display, and you can even learn how their ethical produce is made through regular in-store demonstrations. Purchasing an item from Lush is less about picking up a standard bar of soap of bath bomb, and more about taking home a piece of the experience yourself.

They make giving feedback easy

Type in ‘Lush customer service’ on Google and you are quickly inundated with ways in which to contact the company to voice your opinion. If you do not wish to call or email the company, you can also get in touch directly via their well-maintained customer care Twitter feed, dedicated to listening to any concerns and responding accordingly with useful feedback.

They make their customers feel special

One customer, Shelly, recently wrote an online review which detailed her wonderful first time in-store experience. Shelly was happily greeted and recommended several products (which she then bought). On her way out, Shelly was handed a ‘Pay it Forward Gift’ which was a lovely bar of massage soap and an invitation from the Lush to come back to the store a second time where she would be given some free samples as she was new to Lush.

Lush has become a widely recognised leader in customer service and it’s no surprise that, during a time of significant decline for the high street, the business continues to grow and go from strength to strength.

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