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Control your destiny, by Sarah Goulbourne

October 25, 2017

The 10 Rules of being a Happy Lawyer

Rule 8: Control Your Destiny

This week, Sarah looks into how happier lawyers are those who actively take responsibility for their own lives and careers.  The happiest lawyers control their own destiny.

You’ve probably heard people say, ‘control your own destiny or someone else will.’

I hear many lawyers saying how unhappy they are because their work takes up all their time. They take on more and more, because they have been told that they must in order to achieve their goals and progress in their profession.

‘Destiny is all about the choices we make and the chances we take.’

Happy lawyers take chances and plan the way they want their life to look. They don’t copy what everyone else is doing, but instead they question the traditional way of working.

Listen to your instinct. Do not allow your colleagues, peers or any one else cloud your decisions about your career. Take control of the choices you make – you have the power to decide your direction of travel.

The happiest lawyers are those who plan their time effectively. They prioritise what is most important. They focus on the activities that add the most value to their clients’ businesses. They work in time for personal activities, development, family and friends. They take control of their own time.

Then there are those that blame others for a bad week, a bad month – even a bad year. They are unhappy because they have followed someone else’s plan and path and in doing so, they fulfil someone else’s ambitions rather than their own.

It is never too late to consider what it really is that you want to achieve and to take steps to regaining control of your own destiny. Take back your time today and become the happiest lawyer you could be!

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