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Company Culture – The 3 features that help Travel Counsellors deliver the serivce you need

October 26, 2015

Personal, passionate service makes all the difference.

Part two in our series on brilliant client service looks at Travel Counsellors, the travel company that entirely disrupts the way the travel industry works.

Their unique, service focused model assured that they were the first business ever to achieve a 96% net promoter score. And here’s why…

They make it personal

Your travel counsellor will come to your house to talk about what you want from your holiday. They will get up at midnight to complete your online check-in. They’ll send you a hand-written postcode on your return. They’ll also arrange for a loaf of bread and a pint of milk to be delivered to your home.

They innovate through technology

Travel Counsellors are completely supported by a bespoke system – which enables them to work flexibly and locally, in the best way for their customers. The team is connected and briefed by an internal television network, sharing stories and ideas of ways that people have made the difference to a customer’s holiday.

They focus on culture

David Speakman, founder of Travel Counsellors, is passionate that cultural and business success are intrinsically linked. Despite operating remotely, the network of travel counsellors are bound by an intensely inclusive culture – because happy people deliver great service.

Travel counsellors are provided with childcare, therapists to help them through difficult times and, above all, they are bound to support each other. So embedded is the culture that if you cannot commit to developing it, you won’t be allowed to join.

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