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Company Culture – The 3 drivers of Jim’s Autos’ exemplary customer service

July 1, 2016

Brilliant service isn’t solely about doing the extraordinary…

It’s about consistent personal service, where adding value is standard, even in the most ordinary of circumstances.

Consistency is the key to a long-standing reputation, which is something businesses of any size should strive towards. That’s why part six in our series focuses on Jim Shukys’ Auto, a small auto repair shop in Ohio, US.

As customers will tell you, Jim’s punches well above its weight when it comes to customer care. Here’s why…

They make it personal

Taking the time to add a personal touch makes people feel valued as individuals.

Writing a handwritten note for every customer – like the one opposite – is a small and inexpensive gesture, but it genuinely makes the difference between an average experience and great service.

They inspire loyalty

Jim’s thank you card made such an impression on one customer that he posted the image on social media website Reddit, with the title ‘I have never in my life seen this level of customer service’. The post went viral, with many others commenting that they knew exactly which business it referred to, and they too had enjoyed brilliant, personal touches from Jim’s Autos.

‘I used to live in Streetsboro and I know exactly who that is. He’s a good man, stay with him!’

‘It’s little things like this that earn repeat business. If I got this card I would never use another mechanic in my life.’


Jim leads by example

Jim Shukys’ reputation extends way beyond his handwritten messages. Jim is often found lugging tyres around the forecourt and is frequently mistaken for one of the shop floor employees.

As leader of the business, this sets the cultural agenda for service at Jim’s. It encourages employees to follow his lead, match his hard work and go out of their way to provide brilliant service for each and every customer.

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