Company Culture – The 3 methods Brainshark used to gain a ferociouis reputation for exquisite customer service

1 Jul 2016 - Growing Your Business
Company Culture – The 3 methods Brainshark used to gain a ferociouis reputation for exquisite customer service


Brilliant client service matters just as much in a B2B environment as it does with individual consumers.

In fact, a consistently high standard of service is particularly important between companies because, typically, the customer has invested more time, comparative research and money into their purchase.

Part eight in our series focuses on Brainshark, a Cloud-based solutions company who have built a fierce reputation for providing great client service to a number of firms listed in the US Fortune 100…

They focus on the relationship, not the transaction

A solid relationship forms the basis for repeat business. So, how do businesses build these relationships? Brainshark’s Customer Care team keeps in regular contact with clients to ensure that they are meeting every expectation, identifying areas for improvement and whether there are any other areas of need. Regular feedback and communication is key.

A relationship means staying in touch and caring – even when there is no ‘transaction’ to be done.

They sell what their client needs

In an interview with Forbes, Diane Gordon, Senior VP of Customer Care at Brainshark spoke openly on this point:

‘Too often companies are all about the stuff they have versus what it can actually do to help the customer get their money’s worth. It’s like walking into a car dealership and the salesperson tells you about all the features on a sports car without even asking whether you have kids and whether you need to transport a lot of cargo.’

They always leave the client with a positive memory

Brainshark make a point of drawing from Prof. Daniel Kahneman’s research on the power of the ‘remembering self’. The idea is that our memory of an experience is often different to the experience itself. As such, Brainshark staff plan every client interaction with the intention of leaving a positive memory.

For example, when nearing the end of a meeting, briefly list the steps or actions you have discussed and give everybody an action to complete, including the client. This not only ensures clarity, but it also reinforces the idea of working together towards a common goal.

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