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Company Culture – Teh 3 techniques Ritz-Carlton used to cater extraordinarily for their guests

July 1, 2016

With authority, experience and reputation comes great expectation…

When your standards of service are set way above the average, the task of WOWing your customers becomes much harder.

Part nine in our series focuses on the Ritz-Carlton, a global luxury hotel chain with a reputation for treating its patrons like royalty. So, why is this hotel so highly regarded when it comes to service excellence?

They live and breathe their values daily

Each member of staff at the Ritz-Carlton carries a laminated card with 12 key service values which are reinforced on a daily basis. Each day at every Ritz-Carlton around the world starts the same way: a 15-minute departmental meeting known as ‘the lineup’.

The hotel takes this time to review guest experiences, resolve issues, discuss improvements and highlight values through storytelling.

They go the extra mile (literally)

One story sticks in the mind as truly inspirational. A family staying at the Ritz-Carlton, Bali, had carried specialist eggs and milk in their luggage for their son, who suffered from an acute food allergy. On arrival, the family realised that the eggs had broken and the milk had soured. The hotel manager and dining staff searched the town, but could not find the required items on sale anywhere.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, the hotel’s head chef recalled a specialist store in his native Singapore that usually stocked the items. The chef contacted his mother-in-law and asked her to purchase the eggs and milk… and then get on the next available two-hour flight to Bali! The hotel covered the cost, of course, as it was a small price to pay to ensure that the family had an unforgettable experience and would never consider staying anywhere else again.

They always ensure consistency of service

This story, and many others like it, is used as a training tool. The values it contains are ingrained into the cultural psyche of every employee at any Ritz-Carlton hotel. Each story is circulated and shared across hotels in 21 countries, so a porter in New York will share the same brand values as a housekeeper in Hong Kong.

The aim is simple: to inspire staff across all levels of the organisation to take every available opportunity to improve and innovate their quality of service.

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