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The Five Phrases of Great Leadership

January 16, 2015


Happy New Year!

As every leader knows, without decision, there is no action. Without actions, there is no movement, and without movement – there is no progression!

Whatever the size – making a decision that leads to progression is a daily challenge for business leaders. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing useful tips from Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman’s best-selling book ‘Smart Moves for People in Charge’, on the ways that strong leaders motivate people, think of ideas, stay close to their customers, manage budgets and balance their busy lives.

Smart Move One: Five phases of great leadership:

Leadership is not about wielding authority – but empowering your people to act with authority themselves. Here are five great phrases to help:

  • “Here’s one way to do it.” Take your teaching responsibility seriously. Share your knowledge and experience with your people, but don’t force them to do it your way.
  • “That looks great!” When employees meet expectations – thank them!
  • “What do you need from me?” Find out what their expectations are from your leadership. Learn what you can do to serve them and empower them better.
  • “I was wrong.” Most managers incorrectly assume that to admit error or to apologise for their actions will be taken by employees as a sign of weakness. Quite the opposite is true. People respect leaders who are big enough to acknowledge their mistakes.
  • “Watch me.” Lead by example. Most people are eager to follow a positive role model. All people are disheartened by a negative one.

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