How to fill your prospects with confidence in your professionalism

August 14, 2015

By Darryl Cooke

This weeks missive is plagiarised (at least I’m honest) but adapted to give it a gunnercooke steer. Jill Konrath describes herself as a Sales Accelerator (must be American) who relentlessly searches for sales strategies that work in today’s business environment. Her site is worth a visit – lots of free materials. She says…

‘Stop telling prospects or targets that you’d LOVE to meet with them , you’d LOVE  to catch up , you’d LOVE to grab a coffee or you’d LOVE to hear back from them or you’d LOVE to speak to them about gunnercooke or you’d LOVE  to understand more about their business.

What’s wrong with LOVE – it’s totally self serving. It’s all about you – and most of all it makes you look like a total wannabe (Jill’s words) – someone who would do anything to get in your prospects calendar.

Prospects, future clients don’t want to meet with total wannabes. They want to meet with professionals, lawyers or consultants who exude authority, who are clearly in demand. Lawyers or consultants who will help them achieve their goals.’

So what should you say and do? Adapt this to your own requirements:


Getting an acquisition right, ensuring your due diligence focuses on the things important to the business, managing the process so it’s efficient and hits your timescales, covering all your risks and then ensuring that post acquisition integration runs smoothly as well as controlling your costs are all key areas  as you know to a successful process and to ensure a winning formula. 

 Again, as you know, too many lawyers get these things wrong. 

I’ve got some ideas that will help.

Let’s set up a short meeting next week to talk about it. Does Tuesday afternoon at your office work? 


See the difference  – we could have said ‘I’d love to set up some time to talk and share with you how we can help’ – but then you’d look like a total wannabe again (Jill’s words).

If you can say in a few words what will make a difference to your prospects, what will pique their curiosity and get them to think they would like to know more will be far more appealing and will display both your professionalism and your authority.

Your challenge is to remove the love, keep your enthusiasm and display your authority – in short emails.


PS another great inspire* charity ( ) – working in inner city Moss Side and making a difference. Our business should never just be about growth and profit but should have a higher purpose. Sarah C always wants to here from you, if you or your family would like to get involved.

PPS hall of fame – not quite but then again ……( )

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