Four effective tactics in building high performance teams

March 11, 2015


Almost every CEO will tell you that they have a number of ‘shining stars’ in their organisations. The idea generators, the doers, the people that drive the business forward. The holy-grail is to build an organisation buzzing with energy, creativity and value – with every member of the team contributing above and beyond what is expected.

So how do the best leaders motivate their teams to bring out the best in each other? How do they ensure that every team member is giving 101%?

Here are four of the simplest yet most effective tactics to employ, inspired by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussan’s best-selling book ‘Smart Moves for People in Charge’:

  • Be a ‘we’ not an ‘I’ – Create a culture of teamwork in the business. Recognise that everything you say and do is observed by your employees. Use words like “team” and “we” liberally to make it clear that you see everyone as a team and unit.
  • What does teamwork mean to you? – What behaviours do you expect from members of your team? ‘Teamwork’ means different things to different people. Set down your expectations, and ensure that  everyone understands and adopts common behaviours. This also makes it easier to spot those who don’t conform to the team values.
  • Develop common goals – Ask yourself, could everyone in the organisation articulate the company vision?   Does every individual understand their contribution to the common goal? Nothing makes a team work harder together than a sense of shared responsibility. The feeling that you owe it to your fellow team members to give your all to a cause.
  • Start at the top – Do employees see you and your leadership team working as a unit? Do they see you working together and displaying the behaviours that you expect from them? Set the example. Consider how you feedback to each other, how you deal with conflict, how you work to goals. Do you function in the way you’d want your team to?

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