Get Ready


By Peter Robinson

Had a smashing completion dinner last week at SIX at the Baltic, Gateshead; good to catch up with old clients and business partners too. Discussions revolved around current trends we were seeing, among other things. There’s a few, and various, but there is one strong theme it seems:


Or, as I prefer: “Corporate Events” which to me is more encompassing and more appropriate. After all sellers often stay in their business following their sale, or head the board of the floated company after IPO, and funding rounds (regardless of size) can be big events in themselves.

Whatever badge is used there is also, I believe,  a common theme which runs through them all:


Planning (and way ahead), knowing what you want and being/getting ready for it, addressing any issues head on (don’t bury them, it doesn’t work) and planning out how you will keep your business running efficiently when you are in the middle of your sale. Or your IPO. Or your funding round….

In other words:  “Get ready, get ready”.

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