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How to be significant, not just successful

November 18, 2016

Business ethicsPart two in our C*SR series: ‘Don’t just be successful, be significant’

“A life lived for others is a life worthwhile”

– Albert Einstein

The legacy you leave behind is determined by the life you lead today. Lord Browne, ex CEO of BP writes:

“CSR Programmes are short-lived because they are separate from the commercial activities of a company, they survive on the whim of senior executives rather than the value they deliver… the original idea of connecting the World through CSR is dead.”

Our management consultants have devised a new way of connecting legacy and philanthropy to the commercial activities of your business, developing a new product known as C*SR (Competitive Social Responsibility).

The product looks at ways to seamlessly integrate community, social and people strategies with the commercial activities of a business, so that any philanthropy has sustainable benefits for both the company and the cause.

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