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How to Speak Confidently

February 23, 2015

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Whatever the size – making a decision that leads to progression is a daily challenge for business leaders. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing useful tips from Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman’s best-selling book ‘Smart Moves for People in Charge’, on the ways that strong leaders motivate people, think of ideas, stay close to their customers, manage budgets and balance their busy lives.

Knowing how to speak confidently is an invaluable skill in any walk of life, and strong leaders are excellent at communicating with clarity. The way that they deliver a message captivates both the common sense and the emotional heart of their peers, customers and prospects, which is why they are so effective in persuading others to follow their lead.

Here are four top tips for speaking confidently:

  • Put yourself in their shoes. What are their expectations about you? What will they be wary of? Start thinking more about their concerns and less about your own. By doing this, you increase your empathy – which in turn increases your persuasiveness.
  • Involve the listener. Ask rhetorical questions to make your listeners really think about what you are saying. Use their names to make it more personal. Talk about them, not you. Don’t expect to persuade them unless they see that what you’re asking is ultimately in their best interest.
  • Speak with conviction. In the words of sales motivator Alan Cimberg, “Your customer will never get any more excited about your product than you are.” When you speak with conviction, you use your heart as much as your voice.
  • Ask for the sale. Don’t wait for people to guess what it is that you want. Tell them what it is and ask for it!

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