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Marshall Goldsmith’s top 3 tips to feed forward

November 28, 2014


Learning a new skill, reading a book, playing a sport, influencing others, building a business, or creating sales-building up momentum is a key element in achieving success.

In the lead up to Christmas, we’ll be sharing some tips from leading sales gurus, on the ways that they build energy into their sales processes and make the first move.

There is no better way to kick-start momentum than by looking at Marshall Goldsmith’s three top tips. Goldsmith has been continually recognised as one of the top ten Most-Influential Business Thinkers in the World, and has shared his knowledge with millions world-wide through writing 34 best-seller books, such as MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

There are those that advise that performance improvement is achieved by analysing and building on the past. Conversely, Goldsmith offers a fresh new insight, by stressing that the focus should always be on the future.

Here are our three favourite forward-looking tips:

  • Make a point to occasionally ask the key people in your life how you can improve. Seek advice from people that you respect the opinion of. The advice you receive can help you grow. Just because something has worked before, it may not work again. The reason you think you were successful previously, may not be the correct reason at all. Don’t get complacent.
  • Maintain a strong knowledge exchange with everyone. Every person you meet has a unique expertise and skill-set. Do not dismiss this. Take some time out to engage in conversation with as many people as you can, and consider their ideas and suggestions.
  • Focus on feedforward, not feedback. Reflecting too much on past events can damage the  motivation of your team. This is because past events are often associated with some negativity: what you could have done better. People are more receptive and committed to work towards a future goal, where there are positive benefits.

Here’s to looking forward!

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