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How could philanthropy help your business to grow?

November 16, 2016

One Upon A time typed with typewriter and blank paperIn today’s world, leadership is no longer simply about inspiring those within your organisation. Great leaders inspire action and change across communities and causes. They use their position and influence to create change. And leave a legacy.

The challenge is – how to do this effectively. Over the next week, we will explore 4 ways that you can use your business to make a difference and build your legacy.

Part One – Show up and take responsibility

When did we decide that looking after the disadvantaged was the job of government? When did we abdicate responsibility for looking after those around us who are struggling? The homeless in our streets, the lonely in our communities, the aged who have given so much to us, the mentally and physically challenged who can’t help themselves, the refugees escaping death, destruction and the loss of loved ones; all those without the same opportunity as we had and because of that lack of opportunity, make bad decisions.

Step one is to consider the world around you. Who do you impact? What communities surround you? Who do you collaborate with? Most importantly, what does the future look like for your business, your people, your industry and your community? How could you change it? From today, how could you take responsibility?

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