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Our Recommended Summer Reading List

July 29, 2014

summer reading

Here is our recommended summer reading list, to help you to plan and re- energise for the next part of the year:

  • Beyond Performance; by McKinsey consultants Scott Keller and Colin Price. Drawing on extensive research and the knowledge of an amazing group of leaders; Keller and Price address change programmes, why they are hard to sustain  and how your organisation can beat the odds.
  • The Chimp Paradox; by Dr Steve Peters. Peters was the Psychiatrist for the England Football Team. A tarnished reputation redeemed by also being the psychiatrist to the England cycling team. He provides an excellent understanding of how the human mind works.
  • How to spend $75bn to Make the World a Better place; by Bjorn Lomborg. Looking at your company’s impact on the local community? Wanting to play a greater part? This book will help you and your organisation to make the World a better place.
  • Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan and John King. This book shows leaders how to thrive in any economy by assessing, identifying and upgrading tribal cultures in your organisation.
  • Gravitas: Communicate with confidence, Influence and Authority; by Caroline Goyder. Have you ever wondered why some people earn attention and respect when they speak and others don’t? One word – gravitas.
  • The Sports Gene; by David Epstein. Epstein gets to the heart of the nature vs nurture debate.

And our beach wild card is The House of Morgan by Ron Chernow, whose biopic spans four generations of Morgans and the JP Morgan empire, as it transforms the financial world.

By Darryl Cooke 

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