Conflict Resolution Support in resolving business conflict early

The early resolution of internal and external conflict that could escalate into litigation will be a welcome relief for any business.  Court actions are costly, expensive, distracting and their outcome extremely difficult to predict.

A very high percentage of cases settle before they reach Court making the costs incurred during the process a waste of valuable cash that could be put to better use in a business. Our conflict resolution service involves us working “behind the scenes” with our clients to formulate the most effective strategy to resolve the issue.

We focus on facts, the business risks associated with the issue and the people dynamics.  Every conflict involves emotions but these are invariably overlooked when pure legal analysis of the issue is the focus. We use our understanding of the psychology of conflict to bring issues to a close as quickly as possible on terms that are acceptable to both parties.

We focus on:

  • The business risks associated with the conflict
  • Formulating a resolution strategy
  • Managing the people dynamics

We advise on:

  • Client/customer issues
  • Supplier and professional adviser issues
  • Conflicts in the boardroom
  • Director/shareholder disagreements
  • Family business conflicts
  • Negotiations with banks
  • Conflicts with external investors
  • Landlord disputes

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