Your passion will keep you going: start your own business


By Peter Robinson

I’m going to be watching Solar Impulse 2’s journey with real interest over the next few months. What a genuinely fantastic idea. As Piccard (quoted above) has also said: “I had this dream 16 years ago of flying around the world without fuel, just on solar power. Now we’re about to do it…”

I’ve seen and discussed a lot of fantastic ideas down the years (heck I’m working at gunnercooke, and that’s a REALLY fantastic idea). They all have had their own challenges, hurdles and nay-sayers. The (really quite cracking) business ideas I’ve discussed with people over the last few weeks seem to have one main question in common: “how do I turn my idea into business”.

There are all sorts of people who can assist: government support agencies who can help you establish whether the idea is plausible, private equity houses, business angels and entrepreneurs who can provide funding for you to prove your concept, accelerate and grow, and plenty of organisations that nurture, support and get you “investor ready”. If you have an idea or a dream and the passion to follow it, but just don’t know where to start, drop me a line. I can put you in touch with all sorts of people who can help you start to fly.

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