Antonello Leogrande

Antonello is an Italian qualified ‘Avvocato’ and Registered European Lawyer in UK, who has over 25 years of experience in Civil Law, Commercial and International Business. With a background representative of two generations of lawyers, Antonello started law practice from 1987 in Italy and from 2013 has been admitted to the Law Society of England and Wales as Registered European Lawyer.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Antonello’s expertise lies in international arbitration and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods. He is a reliable, ethical and professional legal consultant in multi jurisdictional matters, known for his natural problem-solving abilities.

Thanks to a well-established international network of contacts, Antonello especially manages and advises on business development in real estate, import/export, luxury, fashion, holiday, food, technology, construction, education. He is a punctual consultant on assets management, companies and general agreements. He acts in litigation and for debt recovery too.

  • Engineering, Construction, Oil & Gas Companies
  • Public Bodies
  • Private Investors
  • Management Teams and business leaders
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  • The €380k order of payment by an Italian Court against an English company and in favour of an Italian company for unpaid supply of goods in the UK.
  • The £2,5m EPC contract between an Italian engineering and construction supplier and an English buyer for a photovoltaic solar power plant built at Rookery Farm.
  • On behalf of the shareholders of an English company, the £65k debt recovery and the disqualification of the managing director who has stolen monies from the bank account.

Previous Law Firms:

  • Temple Court Chambers
  • Buonfrate, Leogrande & Partners
  • Studio Legale Leogrande



  • 2013 admitted, in April (1st), to Temple Court Chambers – Inner Temple London, as tenant
  • 2013 admitted, in February (27th), to Law Society of England and Wales – Solicitor Regulation Authority as Registered European Lawyer n°596165
  • 2010 admitted, in November (15th), to Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of London as Member n°28315
  • 2008 admitted, in March (16th), to the Roll of Chair of Arbitration Panels at the Arbitration Chamber for Public Contracts in Rome (Italy)
  • 2005 admitted, in February (25th), to the Roll of Lawyers before the Court of Cassation and other Higher Courts in Rome (Italy)
  • 1993 admitted, in January (16th), to the Italian Bar – Ordine Avvocati Taranto as Member n°540
  • 1989 admitted, in November (11th) to the Register of Italian Practising Lawyers
  • 1987 admitted, in December (16th), to the Register of Italian Legal



Università degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro” – Faculty of Law (LLM)

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