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Jeremy’s experience spans the whole spectrum of the Restructuring & Insolvency business environment, across just about every business sector. He advises anyone who is an existing stakeholder or is thinking of investing in a distressed business - or is wondering what would happen if a business goes into administration. These skills also enable him to advise on rationalising the capital and debt structures of corporate groups, helping him to save costs, or for pre- or post acquisition purposes.

Jeremy’s mantra in all that he does is to help facilitate his client’s decision-making.

He is at his best when winning the trust of business leaders, helping them to deal with the noise and complexities which accompany a crisis. His insight and intuition also serve to help those seeking to acquire interests and creditors looking to make the most of challenging situations.

Jeremy acutely understands the business of insolvency practitioners. He has sold businesses for (and bought from) them on numerous occasions, equipping them to navigate sometimes difficult roads in the performance of their roles. He also pursues claims to recover assets for creditors’ benefit; sometimes dealing with businesses transcending international boundaries.

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“I have known Jeremy for over 10 years and have worked very closely with him for the past 4 years on a significant insolvency matter which has involved numerous entities and considerable complexities. Aside from providing the necessary advise on the insolvency related aspects of the case Jeremy has worked closely with me in relation to the overarching strategic planning of the case and the stakeholder management which included coordinating the involvement of his litigation and financial services partners and colleagues.  Aside from his technical expertise, Jeremy’s considered but calm and commercial approach to matters has been invaluable.

I worked with Jeremy on the restructuring and sale of Parabis Group.  Parabis exit was to be through a break up and sale of the group but during this process it traded in a state of distress.  The group was extremely complex and traded across 3 regulatory environments, in the UK and South Africa.

Jeremy became an invaluable asset for the board, a pragmatic and commercial lawyer who helped us through a difficult and fluid period.  At all times ensuring management were well briefed on their position thus giving them confidence and enabling effective decision making.

There is always a difficult balance to be struck in these situations and Jeremy dealt with problems firmly but with empathy and integrity.  This ensured maximum stakeholder support through the process, even though they were potentially adversely affected.”

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"Aside from his technical expertise, Jeremy’s considered but calm and commercial approach to matters has been invaluable.”

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