Karen Wilson

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Karen Wilson

Mobile: 07860 949 640

What she’s best at:

Karen is a leading real estate lawyer specializing in all aspects of land acquisition and development for developers and strategic land companies. She has over 25 years experience of multi/phased take options with or without equalisation, complex valuation and overage, promotion agreements for land owners and developers on large scale sites.

Karen has advised consortia of developers on strategic land joint venture, collaboration agreements and ongoing developments. She is well versed in Mixed Use Developments and structuring mixed use development schemes.

She is also highly regarded for her abilities in land acquistion, planning agreements, conditional contracts, standard contracts, put and call options, remediation works and serviced sites.

Who she works for: 

  • National housebuilders
  • Private developers
  • Strategic land companies
  • Large multi-nationals requiring development advice

Expertise in:

Key Achievements:

  • Newcastle Great Park. Acting for Bryant Homes and Beazer Homes in connection with land acquisition of over 1200 acres through strategic agreements. Joint venture arrangements between parties. Negotiasting and drafting section 106 Agreeement to secure planning permission for over 3000 houses, 1m square feet of business space and £64m of planning gain.
  • Acquisition of various contaminated and brown field sites with major infrastructure requirements and ultimate provision of over 500 houses per site. Provision of warranties for construction and remediation works.
  • Negotiation of s106 agreements with complex affordable housing requirements for provision of 180 affordable homes across 4 phases of development alongside 420 homes for private sale
  • Forward sale of 12 mixed use developments comprising 2000 apartments and associated retail and offices.
  • HCA funding and grant agreements
  • Multi-phase option agreements with multi land owners including complex valuation and tax planning.
  • Corparateacquistions of housebuilders including Bryant Homes acquisition of Admiral Homes and Arley Homes acquisition of Linden Homes North West

Previous Law Firms

  • Eversheds LLP
  • Cobbetts LLP
  • Hammonds LLP


  • Manchester Polytechnic
  • Chester College of Law

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