Our business is going through a massive period of change and growth – so it’s great to work with a team that has ‘seen it all before’. They understand the way to structure a transaction to get the best result for both us and for our acquisition target.
Going through a transaction can be very distracting when you’re running a business. gunnercooke’s Matthew Searle advised that the most important thing for me was making sure that the business ran smoothly. He protected me from all of the legal jargon and the back and forth. He kept me involved in what I needed to know, he translated for me – and above all he made sure I felt in control at all times.
I am delighted to welcome Divertimenti into the Steamer Trading Cookshop family business. We intend to maintain Divertimenti’s presence in Knightsbridge and to nurture this brand which has sold cookware in London for over 50 years.

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