Four Top Tips for Implementing a Social Media Policy in the Workplace

By Employment and Privacy Law Partner, Carl Atkinson Make it clear It is important to give accurate instructions on how you want employees to use social media at work, in relation to your business. For example, if employees are permitted to use social media on the mobiles during work hours, should it be expected that they […]

What Makes a Client Your Client?

By Dispute Resolution and Employment Law Partner Shilpen Savani A few months ago, a senior executive at a client company told me the substantial business sent to my firm in recent years was rooted in his relationship with me as a trusted adviser. So far, so good. He then said, to my surprise, that  he valued the overall […]

How to Develop One-Word Brand Equity

For years Maurice Saatchi has been touting what he calls ‘one-word equity’. He argues that a world populated with ‘digital natives’, i.e. those people under 30 who can hardly remember life without the internet, have intensified the battle for attention in ways that we have still not fully understood. He argues that attention span is […]

Personal Branding: people buy what others want to buy

Paris department store Galeries Lafayette is one of the World’s most famous places for high end fashion and accessories. Inside is an exclusive area for Chanel handbags but customers cannot enter just by walking in, they have to queue up at the entrance. An attendant comes by and asks what you will be looking at […]

How to Use Ethical Values to Build Your Business

Dame Anita Roddick was a true pioneer. A globally successful entrepreneur who campaigned for green causes long before it was fashionable to do so. As founder of ‘The Body Shop’, the world leader in manufacture and retail of plant based cosmetics, she campaigned endlessly for ethical values led businesses, turning her passion for environmental change […]

People Hour Webinar: how should you conduct an effective employee investigation?

Hosted by Employment Law Partner, Angela Brumpton Does your business have a process in place for leading employee investigations? Every business will encounter issues with employees from time to time, yet they can be stressful for even the most experienced HR professionals. If an issue with an employee is considered ‘low risk’, it may be […]

What can business leaders learn from Iron Man?

Business Leaders, if you feel good, eat! ‘If you feel good, eat!’ is the race day fuelling mantra of many experienced Iron Man triathletes. Take note business leaders, you should eat little and often whilst you can stomach it. If you wait until you’re hungry to give your body the nutrition it needs, you’ll have […]

Do employees lose their bonuses when sacked?

The recent claim against the AA by its former executive chairman for £225m looks certain to raise interesting issues relating to sacked employees’ bonus and long-term incentive share entitlements. In this blog, I look at the law relating to employee bonuses and long-term share incentive schemes.  AA executive chairman Bob Mackenzie was dismissed for gross misconduct […]

Six books all business leaders should read this Summer

As the Summer holidays are just around the corner, it is the perfect time to reflect on the first half of the year and equip yourself with fresh ideas for the second. Here are our recommendations on the best reads for business leaders this Summer: Strategy and Innovation Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff Allende Sam […]

inspire* Gift of Time Pledge Event

“Imagine if we all gave one hour of our time, the difference we could make to the world.” – Winston Churchill inspire* Gift of Time Pledge Event Date: Wednesday 5th December Time: 5pm – 7pm Venue: Clink Café, Canada House, Chepstow Street, Manchester, M1 5FW Perhaps we’re slightly early, but this time of year when […]

Housing Complaints Resolution Service: What’s it all about?

Housing Complaints Resolution Service: What’s it all about? Given the current political climate it isn’t at all surprising that the government’s latest plans to “create a housing market that works for everyone” slipped out more or less unnoticed last week. The proposals follow last year’s consultation on Strengthening Consumer Redress in the Housing Market and […]

The Tate Modern’s Neighbours lose Battle for Privacy

The eagerly awaited High Court decision on the case being brought by the residents of the Neo Bankside Apartment Block against the Tate Modern Gallery has determined that the viewing platform, offering uninhibited views into their homes, does not amount to an actionable nuisance or invasion of privacy. The dispute dates back to when the […]

Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion and Creative Industries

This month (during London fashion week), gunnercooke joined forces with Joanna Dai (founder of luxury womenswear brand Dai) to celebrate the launch of gunnercooke partner, Rosie Burbidge’s book: European Fashion Law: A Practical Guide from Startup to Global Success. Rosie’s motivation for writing it: to make the law more accessible for the creative industries. In […]

A Burning Issue – what happens if a property is damaged or destroyed between exchange and completion?

Most clients would expect that if the property burns down, the sale goes off and the buyer can walk away. I hope most lawyers would know that under the standard conditions of sale, that is not the case. Until a few years ago, it was the case with residential property that if the property was […]

A Construction Viewpoint: Practical Completion – what is it?

An “agreement for lease”. From the name, a layman might assume that this document is the domain of a property lawyer, but as every wise property lawyer knows, it makes sense to get your construction colleagues involved on this one! Are you sure that construction terms in your Agreement for Lease (AFL) are consistent with […]

Brexit may now be less Frustrating for Landlords

Landlords will welcome the ruling from Mr Justice Smith that Brexit does not operate to frustrate the terms of a lease. In the recently heard case concerning the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Headquarters in London, the Court ruled that European Organisations cannot use Brexit as an excuse to walk away from their leases. Background In […]

Restrictive Covenants: Don’t Just Ignore Them

In a recent case, the Court of Appeal has refused to release or modify restrictive covenants where a development was knowingly carried out in breach of the covenants. The public policy interest in allowing the development to go ahead did not justify the release of restrictive covenants where a developer deliberately built houses on land […]

Are you being served?

Service of notices has always been a particularly litigious area, with best practice to instruct a professional to send the notice for you, not least because it is then covered by their indemnity insurance. However, a recent case has really highlighted why it is important to take advice when receiving notices either direct or through […]