Caroline Rigg - Office Manager

Overview of her role…

Caroline manages both the London and Manchester offices, dealing with various aspects. This could be access, desk and meeting room booking, etc.

She is responsible for supplier relationships e.g. Stationary, All Day PA, photocopiers and resource subscriptions such as West Law, White books and Lexis Nexis.

Recently, she has been working on ad hoc projects including; renewal of the firm’s P.I. insurance & other insurances, and legal online subscriptions.

Another project she will be helping with in the near future is the practising certificate renewals for the firm and partners. She also provides support to the Compliance team with file closures and referral agreements.

Caroline’s role also includes acting as a HR function for the gcTrust team. This involves various different aspects including ensuring there is cover for holidays so that partners still have a fully working support structure in place, and other HR administration. She is responsible for making sure that the team’s training requirements are up to standard.

What are your key aims and objectives?

The key objective of Caroline’s role is to achieve a smooth running of both offices, being a point of contact for any issues and enquiries related to achieving this.

She is always on the look-out for better suppliers which will enable the firm to reduce its overheads and to ensure we receive the best service and quality possible.

What do partners ask for your help with?

Partners often come to me with recommendations for new suppliers or feedback on current suppliers. They might also come to me with questions surrounding meeting room set ups and often new partners have questions around access to offices and how to book rooms or desks. As the longest serving gcTrust member, I find myself being one of the main contacts for other enquires and am able to direct the partners to the correct person with ease.

Areas of Expertise…

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