Mark has been an equity partner, LLP member, Shareholder in law firms since 1993. He has also been the managing director of a PE backed ABS. Having spent the last 10 years as a non -fee earning lawyer Mark has considerable empathy for the owners of business and a full understanding of the challenges they face. Mark is at his best working with businesses to achieve their strategic aims. To put in place, the solid legal foundations from which the business can grow and prosper. He has committed himself to changing the worlds view of lawyers for the better.

  • Business owners
  • Management teams
  • Other Stakeholders
  • Law Firms and other professional practices

Created a process to enable smaller SME businesses have access to its own virtual in house lawyer. SME clients retained his or other colleagues to work in the business and improve its legal and regulatory processes.

Acted for long established family food retail business. Company restructure and ongoing in-house relationship created a vehicle for transition to nest generation with minimum tax charges with full HMRC prior clearance. Saving £1.2m in tax (20% of the £6m loan note value). Complete personal estate planning, wills and trusts were attended to during the corporate restructure. The bank agreed to lend £1.5m to the company to accelerate the loan note repayment if they choose to do so. The new structure created flexibility for either of the daughters to succeed their parents and run the company, or bring in and incentivise an external MD.

Acting building material supplies business. Company restructure with HMRC clearance enabled the sole owner to create an EBT to incentive the current work force and prepare for his exit from the business. The new structure saved £600k in tax, increased post-tax profits by £120k led to stronger contract agreements with key suppliers, This resulted in decreasing costs by 6%,the bank was happy to increase its funding due to stronger cash generation capabilities, senior team  incentivized to drive the business forward as owners, created a succession plan to allow gradual withdrawal. The EBT is now used as a mechanism to attract new key hires. The owner was able to receive £1m in cash from the balance sheet.

Previous Law Firms

  • Progeny Corporate Law
  • Clarion
  • MCCormicks


Other Qualifications

  • Mediator



  • Nottingham Trent University (LLB)
  • Collage of Law



Shortlisted for the category of Innovation in Pricing at The Lawyer Business Leadership Awards 2016.

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