Paul has over 30 years’ experience in the minerals extraction, waste, logistics and associated industries. Having trained with British Waterways Board where the “Mining Code” was encountered for the first time. Paul is described in the Legal 500 as “a true specialist having mastered the full spectrum of work in the minerals sector from property to planning and from hardrock to aggregates, rated by peers in the industry for his detailed knowledge and long experience in the industry”.

  • Mineral operating companies and land owners who are engaged in the exploitation of natural resources.
  • Acquisition of mineral rights to facilitate on £70m business floatation.
  • Sale of mineral rights for £30m with put and call options exercisable on restoration with overage.
  • Development of suite of documents to facilitate sale of mineral interests using Treasury Style arrangements.
  • Joint editor of The Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents Volume 26(3) Mines, Minerals and Landfill: 10/2013.
  • Acclaim on behalf of operating company in relation to disputed mineral rights and litigation in the Court of Appeal setting the modern law on mineral ownership Coleman -v- Ibstock Brick Limited.

Previous Law Firms

  • Knights
  • Freeths


Previous Businesses

  • Lex Transfleet Limited
  • Steetley PLC
  • Alfred McAlpine plc
  • British Waterways Board



  • Nottingham Trent, BA(hon)s Law
  • Chester College of Law, LPC

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