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High-Performance: four simple, yet effective ways to inspire and motivate your team

February 8, 2018

Almost every CEO will tell you that they have a number of ‘high-performers’ in their organisations. The idea generators, the doers, the people that drive the business forward.

The holy-grail for all leaders is to build an organisation buzzing with energy, creativity and value – with every member of the team contributing above and beyond what is expected. So how do we find it?

As with all holy-grail seekers, it’s easy for leaders to get lost in the ideals of what a perfect organisation would be as opposed to finding and implementing the ways in which to find it. It can be difficult to see beyond your business goals and aspirations and reflect upon the behaviours and attributes you can embrace to inspire and motivate those around you to be the best versions of themselves.

So, what role should leaders play to reach this version of the holy-grail? We have four simple, yet effective tactics all leaders can employ to inspire and motivate their teams to go above and beyond as high-performing individuals.

One: Share Your Vision

As a leader you will have a clear, in-depth understanding of your industry and what it is you want your business to achieve. This knowledge is at the core of every business vision, a vision that needs to be shared among your employees. It’s important that your people understand your picture of the future as it will give them a focus based on your goals and aspirations. The best way to formalise and communicate your vision is to write a vision statement to capture the essence of your long-term business goals and help encourage your employees to reach your business needs. It should be visible at all times, to inspire and motivate your employees and remind them of their purpose. Remember to communicate, communicate, communicate.

Two: Provide Opportunities for Advancement

Members of your team will be an asset to your organisation when they are given the opportunity to learn new skills. Not only will they develop within their role they will feel a great sense of value and appreciation, which in turn will help inspire and motivate them to achieve and succeed in their role for the benefit of the organisation, and themselves. It’s important your team are provided with the training they need to succeed in their role and advance in their careers. They need to know their devotion and hard work will lead to both new professional and personal achievements.

Three: Ooze Enthusiasm

Your attitude will determine your direction. For many successful leaders it’s their own enthusiasm that plays a key role in igniting an overwhelming sense to achieve among their teams. Leaders who are enthusiastic about what they do convey their feeling of enjoyment and passion to their team. As high-performance teams are predominantly more ‘pull’ than ‘push’, you need to know how to create energy and enthusiasm so that your team members feel inspired to work hard and work towards reaching your business vision.

Four: Knowledge is the Key to Success

The secret to inspiring employees is to know and understand the people you are inspiring. People want to know that their leaders understand their tendencies, aptitudes and behaviours well-enough to best work with and motivate them. You need to spend quality time with your employees. Employees want a leader that pays attention and genuinely cares about them and are most inspired when they see their leader taking the time to get to know them to ensure they have their best interests at heart.

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