A world-class support service

At gunnercooke, you’re not another employee in a long list of employees who need assistance. In the same way that you want to give your clients the best possible advice, we want to give you the best possible service – freeing you up to carry out high-quality legal work.

We provide the brand, network, support services, technology, and facilities to let you do what you do best. No longer will you watch hours disappear off the clock whilst you’re in meetings that do nothing for your clients and leave you with the same amount of work to do in even less time.​

Our services cover all the bases that you need to run your practice your way, from expert Business Development advice to hands-on IT support, you will never feel like you are on your own at gunnercooke. We are here to help.

Support and ancillary services

Our services are provided by our central support team, gcTrust.

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​We also have a vast and skilled team who can support your fee-earning work. These colleagues operate on a pay-as-you-use basis, accessed through our internal systems and available at extremely short notice.

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By stripping away the ‘dead time’ involved in unnecessary meetings, admin and the politics of a traditional firm, the gunnercooke model allows you to focus your attentions on providing a more bespoke service to your clients, whilst winning time back for yourself too.”

Asad Ali
Corporate Partner

Expert coaching

We understand that as lawyers, we’re not trained to take risks. We’re trained to conform. We work within the security and structure of the corporate safety net. We know that breaking free of those shackles and going it alone can be a daunting prospect. ​

So, we’re here to support you in the transition, providing expert legal coaching and running a host of mentoring and development events to ensure you keep growing. These include training sessions that focus on you not as a lawyer, but as a businessperson, helping you with everything from planning to pricing.

We work with you to set your own targets and then help you to achieve them. But these are your targets and your targets alone. At gunnercooke, we do not set targets for our lawyers. Self-discipline is essential. We give you the support you need. The rest is up to you.

Growing your business

We want to be the leading firm for entrepreneurial lawyers who want to set up and scale up their business. We are here to help you with your ambitions in growing a team to support your successful practice.

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