We call our recruitment process ‘The Journey’. The process has been carefully designed to ensure that gunnercooke is the firm that the best and most capable lawyers join, whilst also ensuring that we fully understand all the needs of a lawyer to enable them to both fulfil their potential and to be happy at gunnercooke.

We believe that to be happy you will wish to achieve both your revenue ambitions as well as your
lifestyle desires. We will work with you to set your own targets and encourage you to be ambitious. We want to make sure that you and your practice thrive, and we will help you to succeed through our many development and coaching programmes. But these are your personal targets. As a firm we do not set targets for our lawyers, so self-discipline is a necessary requirement.

We are a values-based organisation. The culture of our firm is of the utmost importance to us. Collegiality and collaboration are central to that. It is important to us and all our partners that you understand and are comfortable with our values.

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