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Our team of experienced lawyers move quickly to protect clients, whether they are victims of fraud or are facing allegations of fraud.


Fraud is more of an issue today than ever. The connected, global economy and complexity of our personal and business affairs leaves many of us at risk. The cost implications of this can be staggering. In the face of these dangers, you need an experienced team who will work with you as trusted advisors to help you navigate the challenges.

Our Civil Fraud and Asset Tracing team is a group of highly-experienced lawyers who are experts in this field.

When defending a fraud claim, our lawyers bring all their civil, criminal and regulatory expertise to support you.

If the case involves being a victim of fraud, we move quickly to investigate the position and to protect assets – and in doing so, we work closely with other professionals both in the UK and overseas.

When the case involves facing an allegation of fraud, we can work together with our Business Crime team in defending the position and protecting both reputation and assets.

Our work in Civil Fraud and Asset Tracing includes:

  • Asset Tracing and recovery
  • Bringing and defending fraud claims
  • Freezing and search orders
  • Proprietary injunctions
  • Third-party disclosure orders
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments
  • Internal investigations
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies

One of our partners also acts as a Court-approved supervising solicitor in relation to the execution of search orders.


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Who have our Partners worked with?

  • Insolvency office holders (both from England and overseas)
  • Banks
  • Companies and their board
  • Individuals

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Restructuring & Insolvency, Civil Fraud & Asset Recovery, Compliance

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Partner, Head of Branch Office Austria

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Dispute Resolution, Corporate & Commercial

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Senior Associate

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