The dedicated gunnercooke Finance Team is here to help you to run your business as efficiently and effectively as possible. They are responsible for managing all aspects of the firm’s finances including credit control, expenses, billing, disbursements, and time recording.

The finance team can provide you with support on:

We also now accept payments via Crypto Currency, read more about that here or discuss how this works in practice as part of your joining process.

When a client pays their bill, how quickly do I get paid?

We pay our partners in remittances, once a month. However, advanced payment is available upon request.

How are rates determined?

One of the many benefits of working with gunnercooke is that you are free to determine the rates you want to set per matter. Typically Partners will decide on a general hourly rate but they may wish to increase or decrease this depending on the matter. Partners need to agree on their fees directly with the clients.

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