Intellectual Property Overview

Innovative solutions to protect your assets

Today's business landscape comprises all manner of weird and wonderful intangible assets. Our intellectual property team's role is to protect them. This is an area of law that requires creative and innovative minds. Our team has advised from the inception of a new brand or product, to the protection or strengthening of heritage, national and international brands.

Commercial IP

Intellectual property (IP) is crucial to your success – if you can control it. A substantial part of every business’ value is located in its IP, so defending it, developing it and exploiting it is the key to your future.

Intellectual Property

Ideas are your greatest asset. But protecting ideas can be daunting. Our Intellectual Property lawyers are highly experienced in defending and maximising their commercial potential.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Our IP Disputes specialists work with teams across the firm from general litigation to costs specialists so that we can put the perfect strategy together to manage your case, whether it is a standalone infringement of rights, large-scale counterfeit goods problem or part of a strategic plan to maintain your brand value internationally.

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Intellectual Property

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IP/IT, Data Protection & Commercial

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