It’s said that in business, everything can be copied but the culture – and we’re very proud of the culture we have created at gunnercooke.

With mentoring, monthly networking events and an extensive social programme, gunnercooke provides a truly vibrant internal network. So although gunnercooke lawyers operate from all over the UK, they each feel like they’re part of a wider family where every member understands their peers’ work, ambitions and challenges.

The very nature of our organisation breeds collaboration. Working within a network of experienced likeminded lawyers, you have access to a world of expertise, perspectives and potential new clients. And if one of your clients needs advice on an area of law that you don’t specialise in, you can direct them to another gunnercooke lawyer – and earn a percentage of the fee in the process. We pride ourselves on our strong internal network which is driven by events, introductions and an online expert search tool. Last year more than £5m of fees was referred between gunnercooke partners internally.

We know how important teamwork is in the legal profession and that doesn’t change when you join this model. Many of our lawyers work on matters with a large team around them, comprising gunnercooke experts from a range of practice areas. Some of our partners join the firm alongside their own secretary, associate, or even a full team. You choose who you work with.

Once a lawyer becomes part of gunnercooke, they tend to stay for life. And that means real, genuine relationships that are nurtured and cultivated over a period of years. You are not alone. We are not alone.


I can honestly say joining gunnercooke is one of the best things I’ve ever done. No billing targets, no politics. It allows me to focus purely on my clients and help them solve their legal issues.

Thalis Vlachos
Employment and Pensions

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