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A team of dual-qualified, experienced professionals to help you navigate the landscape between the UK and Italian legal systems


Shared history, culture and a common creativity, the pursuit of innovation in research and technology and a commitment to performance – these are just a few of the things that connect the business worlds of both the UK and Italy.

Despite the pitfalls of Brexit, Italian entrepreneurs and British investors are working proactively to develop their businesses in the United Kingdom and Italy. To understand the most effective way to operate across both jurisdictions requires expert support – and that’s where our team can help.

gunnercooke’s Italian desk comprises expert advisors who advise companies, banks, institutional and international investors, start-ups and high-net-worth individuals on their operations. The desk is led by Antonello Leogrande, a dual-qualified lawyer with vast experience in advising both UK companies on their Italian operations and Italian companies on trading in the UK. The team has a specialist expertise in both the financial and regulatory environments of the Italian market.

We are proud to maintain close working links with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the International Court of Arbitration.

Our work in Italian-UK law includes:

  • Advising foreign companies and individuals investing in Italy as well as in the United Kingdom
  • Scouting, structuring and completing any type of investment and corporate transaction, including due diligence investigations, negotiations and regulatory compliance
  • Risk assessment and gap analysis in all forms of business
  • Corporate project strategy
  • JVs and international contract law
  • Company set-up and spin out
  • Dispute avoidance and settlement
  • Debt recovery and insolvency

Notable cases

  • The management, as claimants’ counsel, of complaints to the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in the UK and of civil proceedings before the Courts of Madrid and Rome, as well as the related settlement of Academic Affiliation Agreements between English, Italian, Spanish and NY private universities against a public University in the UK
  • The £2.5 million EPC contract between an Italian engineering and construction supplier and an English buyer for a photovoltaic solar power plant built at Rookery Farm
  • A £65,000 debt recovery and disqualification complaint against a UK company’s managing director, in the interest of its shareholders
  • The £380,000 Italian Court order of payment against a UK-based company in administration
  • The Memorandum of Understanding between an Anglo-Italian literary agency and an important Italian business network in the UK for setting up and making arrangements for the 2020 Manchester Italian Culture Festival
  • The management, as defendant’s counsel, of a €20 million arbitration raised by a constructor against a municipality before the Arbitration Chamber for Public Contracts in Rome
  • The legal and strategic tutelage of an Italian scientific and technology research centre for backing local, European and international projects in health and environment

Who have our partners worked with?

  • Start-up, spin-off and spin-out companies
  • Private and public-owned entities
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Equity funds and philanthropic investors
  • Creative and out-of-the-box entrepreneurs
  • Companies and individuals
  • Private and institutional investors
  • Research, innovation and development hubs
  • Business-oriented academics and researchers

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