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Ideas are your greatest asset. But protecting ideas can be daunting. Our Intellectual Property lawyers are highly experienced in defending and maximising their commercial potential. You’ll be working with a senior partner that has over 10,000 hours of practice, guaranteeing you the highest possible quality of service.

Our lawyers understand the commercial world, and how important IP is to you. Our firm has been designed to instil a commercial mindset among our partners, making us trusted legal advisors who are invested in your success.

Whether it’s filing strategy, franchising or portfolio management, we enable clients to develop, expand, exploit and enforce their intellectual property rights in the UK and around the world. We provide pragmatic, strategic and tailored advice to suit the needs and objectives of your business, and our flexible fee structures mean you can enjoy absolute clarity as you plan ahead.

Our lawyers have worked with commercial entities, as part of a team, and even on a one-on-one basis to advise and defend copyright. What underpins our approach is a willingness to look after your interests by taking the initiative. Every project is managed with equal care and focus, and we take the time to understand you and your needs as we build a better strategy to move forward. Our world-leading NPS score of +84 underlines our commitment to giving you a better service.

Notable cases

  • Helping technology clients grow their business by getting the right commercial contracts in place with their major national and international customer base (everyone from the UK government to a Kazakhstan hospital)
  • Protecting a business whose intellectual property and confidential information were misused by a former employee
  • Future proofing new ecommerce business models
  • Responding to claims of trade mark infringement and malicious falsehood related to Google advertising
  • Breach of confidence disputes relating to everything from setting up a rival company post-employment to copying material disclosed in pitch meetings such as clothing designs and a TV format
  • Assisting with major corporate transactions to ensure businesses there are no secrets hidden under the IP bonnet
  • Major patent disputes concerning (i) a well-known pharmaceutical and (ii) a legendary gaming console
  • Using design rights to prevent sales of a distinctive dress by a major online retailer

Our Intellectual Property work includes

  • IP filing strategy: whether trade marks, designs, patents or (in some countries) copyright, we help you decide which rights to file, in what territories and when
  • IP licensing
  • IP audits: most businesses do not know what rights they hold or where the risk areas lie. An IP audit shines a light in these dark IP corners so you can plan for the future
  • IP strategy: technology and social media mean that IP is in a constant state of flux. We help you manage your IP risks and maximise IP value
  • Anti-counterfeiting: whether it’s online or in a physical marketplace, we work with Customs, investigators and online platforms to stop counterfeit goods in their tracks

Who have our Partners worked with?

  • Sky UK
  • BBC
  • GB3 Limited
  • Busy Bees NurseriesThe Plum Guide
  • eBay
  • Colt Technology
  • A major luxury fashion house
  • A bastion of the modern High Street
  • One of the major gaming companies

Client testimonials

“Rosie Burbidge is not only extremely capable, but also genuinely enthusiastic about intellectual property law. This gives her a passion and drive to provide the best advice, and Rosie will always give options and clear recommendations in an area of the law which has complex outcomes loopholes and international intrigues.”

– Joe Adams, CFO, The Plum Guide

“Rebecca Kelly exceeded expectations from the first phone call; not only did I get sound advice on protecting our company, I got brilliant commercial advice that has already helped me shape future deals and increase revenue.”

– Managing Director, GB3 Limited

“It was a pleasure to work with Charlotte O’Mara. Her straight-talking, down to earth manner coupled with her knowledge and experience put me at ease.”

– Simon Dine, Composer and Producer

“Erika Moralez-Perez advised and helped register intellectual property rights which increased the value of our business. This, together with reviewing all our contracts, ensured we achieved our desired sale price.”

– Tim Noyes, Computers Unlimited

“Sarah Purcell is one of those rare legal advisors who can give you the right legal advice but also give great guidance on the commercial aspects of any deal and come up with creative solutions. A safe and trusted pair of hands I was always happy to work with.”

– Director of Startup Investments, Sky UK

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Intellectual Property

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