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gunnercooke boasts an exceptional specialist real estate recovery team with incredible talent and unrivalled experience. From complex, high value, litigious development sites to straight forward residential properties, from one-off assets to 500+ portfolios, this team has done it all. We offer the same first-class service, the same added value, the same focused approach whoever the client and whatever the job.


Many of the processes in this area of the law are the same regardless of the type of asset involved. This makes it possible for most insolvency lawyers to do this work.  However, gunnercooke is different.

Our real estate recovery team is dedicated to this area of work and only this area of work and have been since qualification, decades ago.  This means we have seen first hand the ins and outs, the pitfalls and the nuances of this area of law.  We have seen the tactics used to attempt to frustrate the recovery processes, we have spent time in industry and we know the market and the people like the back of our hands.  We assist clients at all stages in the recovery process: from discussions with the borrowers to exiting a recovery process.  We are straight-talking, solution providing people who ensure all parties involved in a matter focus on getting the best outcome possible for our client.

The combination of our experience and the typically static nature of the law presents us with a fantastic opportunity to deliver a part-commoditised service but with the necessary expertise behind it to ensure any unusual aspects are immediately identified and responded to (usually before it impacts in any way on the recovery).

In short, we know real estate recovery. If you haven’t already used us, send us an instruction.  You won’t regret it.

Our work in Real Estate Insolvency includes:

  • Establishing the most time and cost-efficient exit strategies
  • Adding value to assets wherever possible to maximise the achievable return
  • Dealing with borrowers who attempt to frustrate the recovery process
  • Disposing of assets in a timely manner

Notable cases

  • The multiple receivership appointments which arose from the administration and liquidation of TIUTA plc
  • International recovery from lending in the UK
  • Private equity house large volume debt book recovery

Who have our Partners worked with?

  • Institutional high street lenders
  • Private equity houses
  • Building societies
  • Private companies
  • Private individuals
  • Fixed charge receivers
  • Insolvency practitioners

Quotes from clients

“Harriet is a breath of fresh air in the world of real estate recovery. She is superbly focused on her clients’ needs and provides practical and commercial advice. The combination of her technical ability and her zeal for the work she does make her a real asset to have on any job.”

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