1 year on, by Pensions Partner Parminder K Latimer

September 14, 2021
Parminder K Latimer


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Having graduated and “fallen” into Pensions law by default, I loved it, I became a pensions geek!  When I qualified, I remember thinking, finally I can advise both members and employers on all aspects of pensions law…I’m looking forward to this at last.  However, the traditional law model meant my newly qualified success was soon tarnished with constant time recording, targets, monthly meetings with Managing Partners, “checking in”!  Whilst I consistently exceeded my targets, this worked against me every year, as they were continually increased, which meant longer hours in the office!

My second legal role, was a challenge as it involved setting up and heading up a Pensions department at a large law firm, where I thought I would have autonomy, to be my own boss, with the support of a large law firm, or so I was led to believe…I stuck it out, I’m not a quitter, but the politics, the jealousy from my co-workers, and lack of support from the management team, led me to think, there is more to life.  

When approached, I was very doubtful about joining gunnercooke, I thought it’s an “eat what you kill” firm, where I am going to get the work from, how will I pay the bills?  After virtually meeting with Sarah, a number of times, having had an offer at another traditional law firm, I laid all my cards and concerns on the table, she was brilliant. She is not about the hard sell, but about the “Parminder, you’ve done this before, you can do it again at gunnercooke”.  I thought she’s right, let’s do this!  Gunnercooke moved in a weekend to get me on board, how refreshing!

Having joined gunnercooke during the pandemic, I was concerned I’d be forgotten, working from home, but no….speed networking, meet the teams, and lots of other events, which I signed up to, meant I “met” so many of my gunnercooke colleagues and got to know them and work with them!  

My year at gunnercooke, as part of an amazing Pensions team, many of whom I already knew and an Associate Director of the pension trustee company, gcTrustees Ltd. has been an absolute delight.  

It truly is a collaborative firm, other firms give the word “collaboration” lip service only.  The referral system is great, transparent and everyone buys into it.  Everyone is keen to get the right people on board to advise their clients.  Most of my work is through internal referrals, it’s so refreshing to truly be my own boss, work flexibly, work from home, (rather than commute 3 hours a day), go into the office when I want, (I love the offices too), take on clients I can help, rather than be told, the business is not cost-effective, and I’ve made some friends, a complete surprise, particularly during the pandemic!  I even understand the billing system, it’s so easy!

Sarah and Darryl are inspiring, and I’m inspired, I’ve also signed up to be an inspire* Hub leader, I’m really looking forward to it.  Last but by no means least, the gunnercooke Support team is incredible, nothing is too much trouble, they make my life easy, so I can do my day job! So very happy I made this move!