‘A new lease of life at any age’

February 6, 2023
Tim Scorer


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The thing is the new lease of life that was brought about by gunnercooke was just one of a series of things. In the same era of time I had a new home, a new office, a new partner. But the new lease of life with gunnercooke was definitely the best.

Tell us about your proudest moment as a lawyer.

It’s about six years ago, I got a letter from the President of the Law Society saying “Congratulations, you’ve been admitted as a solicitor for 50 years”. Well, I was quite chuffed about that so I got hold of the certificate and went off to one of those places that makes t-shirts. After that I ran in a firm wide little canter through St James Park and I was accompanied by a delightful trainee called Rebecca. That occasion, was the most proud moment in my 50 years as a solicitor and I had the t-shirt to prove it.

Favourite part of being at gunnercooke.

Difficult question because there are so many parts to gunnercooke. As the witness said to the judge, “Do you mind if I refer to my notes please?”. A lot of expertise in the firm is one very important part, a very collegiate attitude among all Partners and everybody that I’ve met and amazing support staff like yourself who can just help with anything I should possibly want.

An excellent non-back stabbing social life too which I really appreciated especially the Kent, Surrey and Sussex walking gang, well walking and drinking gang, who I’ve made good friends with – well I think I have, I hope I have. The absence of budgets is also a very important part of my life because that leads to a good work/life balance and that probably is the most important part of being a lucky Partner at gunnercooke.

Biggest piece of advice for anyone considering joining gunnercooke.

It would not suit everybody – there’s a certain type of person that is attracted by and will make the best of gunnercooke. That’s somebody who is enthusiastic and ambitious about “eating what he kills”. Everybody that I speak to that’s not in gunnercooke knows that is a hallmark for gunnercooke, you eat what you kill. And that means that those that are just content with their lives as a Partner, as an Associate or whatever and who are going along with the flow and getting their salary cheque every month I don’t think gunnercooke is really for them. Unless they’re hiding a considerable light under the bushel.

So I would say it’s not for everybody but the typical Partner might be somebody who has experience and specialities who can thrive on the challenge of eating what he kills, he or she, who is searching for a good work/life balance and who might be being held back in a more traditional firm by budgets and all the administrative requirements and so on.

The only actual odd advice I would give somebody thinking about joining gunnercooke is bring in your wife/husband or Partner, as once they know about the firm, I think the enthusiasm goes upwards enormously.