March 26, 2024

Seventeen defendants, who were former employees of our client company, were accused by our claimant client, which specialised in the development of software, of infringing its intellectual property rights. We sought injunctive relief in light of extraordinary discoveries unearthed by our client, which indicated that an agreement was made by several of the defendants to resign from their employment and set up another company to use our client’s software. The allegations on behalf of our client included appropriation of intellectual property which belonged to the claimant; inducing a purported termination of an agreement with the claimant’s principal client; and breach of contract.

At stake were potentially tens of millions of pounds of revenue.

The trial of the dispute was originally listed for 10 days but after several interim injunctive relief hearings, which involved the exchange of extensive witness evidence, the matter was settled in favour of the claimant.