Our Culture

At gunnercooke, we subscribe to the 10,000 hour rule: in other words, we believe that lawyers can only call themselves ‘experts’ when they have spent at least 10,000 hours specialising in a particular area of law.

Not only that, the majority of our lawyers have spent time in business, learning the ways that strong legal advice protects, enhances, and can add significant value to the bottom line of an organisation.

Every gunnercooke partner must be able to satisfy the 10,000 hour rule before they can join our firm. The benefit of this for our clients is that all of our lawyers advise with authority. We know the law inside out, but we also know how to apply it in a commercial context, which often requires various risks and competing interests to be balanced. We are also confident enough to challenge our clients if we don’t agree with their proposed approach, whilst always supporting you, whatever decision you take.