Building value through business consultancy

February 6, 2023

Tony Lockwood has over 25 years project, programme, change management and consulting experience.

He specialises in helping executive teams develop and deliver strategic plans that improve operational efficiency and profitability in manufacturing, support services and construction, retail and e-commerce and business services.

He began working for gunnercookeOP in 2017 as he had a desire to work on his terms.

Management consultants at gunnercookeOP not only benefit from an improved work-life balance, but also a strong referral network spanning fellow OP colleagues and hundreds of senior lawyers in gunnercooke’s legal practice areas.

Next level introductions

Unlike other business advisory firms, each Operating Partner at gunnercookeOP has direct board level experience in business. It means they’re in the best position to provide advice based on expertise and insights gained over decades’ worth of experience across diverse sectors.

As an Operating Partner, you benefit from colleague’s large networks whilst also making introductions of your own. This frequently leads to forming a well-established pipeline of new business, making the transition to gunnercookeOP easy.

“I think people like to work with those they know they can trust. My proudest moments are when other Partners introduce business to me, and I can introduce business to them, which is happening more and more frequently.

“There are so many opportunities for collaboration. You’re never on your own and always have people to talk to for advice, support and guidance, which is one of the main benefits of working at gunnercooke.

“I get involved in a lot of discussions before people join as Operating Partners and the one bit of advice I give everyone is to be really proactive.

“Get out there, speak to other Partners and get involved with as many events as you can because ultimately people work with people they know, like and trust.”

Room for everyone

gunnercookeOP offers a supportive collegiate environment that helps you achieve a positive work-life balance, whilst building your own business and client base. 

Tony offers an overview of the type of Consultants in the team, and those who should consider joining.

“We tend to be experienced business people. Across the team there are typically three type of people. The first are those have lots of experience in working in Consultancy practices and/or supporting organisations through massive change and transformation.

“Second are senior leaders of blue-chip organisations that want to move out of corporate life and give something back to growing organisations.

“And the third are entrepreneurs that have gone through the cycle and come out the other end but don’t want to retire or play golf every day and again want to give something back in an advisory capacity.

“This, alongside the ‘technical’ expertise available through our legal partners, makes us best placed to advise executive boards to develop and execute successful growth strategies.”

Joining gunnercookeOP

gunnercookeOP now has 40 Operating Partners working alongside boards and senior team members to help transform organisations that range from global leaders in their field to fast growing organisations and innovative start-ups.

If you’re looking to use your experience and expertise to build a business on your terms in a supportive professional environment, then make sure to get in touch.

It’s a decision Tony is delighted he made.

“Being part of a £60m-£70m firm is great when you’re having that initial conversation with clients.

“The network you can access of experienced senior lawyers and Operating Partners makes for a really compelling proposition.

“It means that rather than trying to sell yourself and the services you can offer, you can purely focus on client’s challenges and delivery.

“There’s a real comradery here and I’m delighted I made the decision to join.”