Everything you need to know about joining gunnercooke: Q&A with gunnercooke Dispute Resolution Partner, Rebecca Latus

May 27, 2022
Rebecca Latus


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Are you considering a change in career? Or are you simply interested in moving away from the traditional law firm? gunnercooke Dispute Resolution partner Rebecca Latus discusses everything that you need to know about joining gunnercooke, as well as what you can expect from the onboarding process and much more.

How did you get into Litigation Law? What interests you about this area of law?

‘Commercial Litigation was my first seat as a trainee, and from the outset I was captivated by the ability of a litigator to sit by their client’s side and assist them through the challenges of handling a dispute. I enjoy building relationships with my clients and there is nothing better than achieving a win together. I also love the variety that a Commercial Litigation caseload gives me, with the opportunity to connect with a range of clients.

When and how did you hear about gunnercooke?

I initially came across the firm when they were acting for the opposing party in a contractual dispute I was dealing with. I looked up the firm’s website and was immediately impressed by its model and by the experience of the team.

What differences have you noticed between gunnercooke and other law firms in which you have worked?

I could tell from the onboarding procedure that I would enjoy being part of gunnercooke, as I was so well guided through the process and everybody involved was so enthusiastic about the firm. I had the opportunity to speak with other Litigators within the firm to learn about their experiences and had thorough and helpful discussions with Sarah [Goulbourne] about my goals. However, joining gunnercooke has exceeded my expectations.

The quality of work is excellent and I have the opportunity to build my practice in the way I wish, setting my own targets and having more time to focus on my clients and provide the best possible service. I can also commit my time the way I want to, so if I want to focus on business development, I can do that, or if a particular client needs more of my time, I have the flexibility to give that time to them.

How long did it take you to transition to the firm and how would you describe the first few weeks/months and the support available?

The onboarding process was really quick and efficient (as is everything to do with the firm!) Sarah and Darryl [Cooke] are both inspirational and have developed a really positive, welcoming network, which everybody buys into, so when I joined I found it easy to connect with colleagues and took part in lots of Teams calls to start to build working relationships.

The induction process and the support from the recruitment team has also been amazing. I have enjoyed attending the Meet the Teams events and meeting colleagues from right across the gunnercooke network.

How would you describe the gcTrust team and your colleagues in the area?

The gcTrust team are fantastic! No query is too much trouble for them and everybody is so positive and responsive.

‘I needed help with preparing bundles very soon after I joined the firm, and the gcTrust team were amazing in terms of picking up the job promptly, dealing with it efficiently and keeping in touch with me to make sure I was happy with the papers. Janine has kept in contact with me to make sure I am settling in, and everybody in Post, Finance and IT has been so helpful in answering even the smallest of questions.

‘Although I am mainly working from home, I have the security and the reassurance of knowing that I am part of a team of highly-skilled, extremely professional, and friendly people, who are great at what they do and help me to deliver a great service to my clients.

How did your clients feel about your move? Has the way you worked with them changed and where/how do you meet with them?

‘I feel as though I am more available to my clients than I ever have been. I am able to take the time to meet them wherever and whenever suits them, and as I don’t have the pressure of time recording targets, I can invest extra time in building these important relationships.

How would you describe the social life at gunnercooke? Are there any events or highlights from events that you are happy to share?

I have been lucky enough to join gunnercooke at a time when face to face events are possible, so the social side of joining the firm has been great. I have regular meet-ups with a group of colleagues who live in the East Yorkshire area, and attended the Leeds lunch, which was brilliant and which gave us all the opportunity to network in a really relaxed setting.

I have also been to two Meet the Teams in London, which are always really welcoming. The Events team does a fabulous job of helping you to connect with colleagues where there may be the opportunity to work together in the future, and you find that the more events you attend, the more you see familiar faces and the easier it becomes to build relationships.

‘I am particularly looking forward to the Symposium, having heard so many great things about it! The luxury of gunnercooke is that you can do as much or as little in the way of internal networking as you like, with the knowledge that you are part of a hugely skilled and experienced team, and you have that resource to offer to clients.

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