Giving clients added value, finding solutions, and spending time on service.. why I love my job at gunnercooke

August 17, 2022
Tim Heywood


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What do you love about your job?

I love it when a client lets me know that my work for them has really added value. That could be by having explained a complex situation to them in straightforward language; mitigating business risk in a way that makes sense to them or helping them reach a great business outcome with a good plan, great negotiation, and inspired drafting.

I love the law but I love finding a solution even more!

At gunnercooke, I am free to deliver a great service to clients without being diverted or distracted worrying about my billable hours.

How would you summarise your practice in one sentence?

My practice is a strange mixture of the private sector and public sector; regulatory and commercial. Never dull. (I know that’s more than one sentence!)

How would you describe the gunnercooke culture?

Enlightened and liberating! Unbeatable!

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