Growth, seamless transitions and core values – a year at gunnercooke with Simon J Murfitt 麥富德

May 16, 2023
Simon J Murfitt 麥富德


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What has been your highlight at gunnercooke so far?

In respect of work, either (a) through links in our fabulous aviation team, working with a local Spitfire experience flight provider to provide new financing for their expansion or (b) working with the two UK Air Ambulance Charities, one of which I brought with me from my old firm in their new aircraft procurement from Italy and/or (c) assisting fellow gunnercooke lawyers in several areas slightly outside my professional sweet spot such as HNW real estate finance. Non work, definitely meeting some very interesting and like-minded professionals both legal and non and performing in the Queen cover for the annual video parody with my youngest. For marketing, working with our German partners on a Brexit Podcast.

What do you wish you could tell yourself 1 year ago?

Make more of an effort with internal self-promotion and getting out (both virtually and physically) to meet as many fellow gunnercooker’s as possible. I think I focused too much on my own practice initially and did not take advantage of what I can offer the firm, and they can offer me. This is particularly true, both when and now, in relation to my Scottish practice.

What do you remember about your first day/week/month?

How seamless the change of firms was for both me and my clients, especially given all of the “live” matters.  There were no adverse effects whatsoever, either for me or my clients, with all matters completing on time, if not early and on budget.

How has your practice changed over the last year?

I know have a much wider range of work and clients both geographically and sector wise.  This makes my day-to-day life much more enjoyable and interesting, whilst also maintaining my existing clients.  I have also enjoyed getting involved with and being part of a firm that does not just give lip service to its corporate responsibility. gunnercooke seeks very real dynamic growth in this area with projects such as House of Books & Friends, the gunnercooke foundation and various reach outs for mental health both internally and externally.

How has the firm changed over the last year?

Growth within the firm has been impressive whilst still having a focus on core values and culture.  I think this is key as there can be a danger that through successful growth the firm can, inadvertently, lose or dilute some of its key UPSs, benefits and values.

What would be your advice for people thinking of joining gunnercooke?

Do it!  It may well be the best career choice that you make – not only for you but also your significant others and your clients.  If you have any doubts then seek out someone out in your practice area and ask them for their advice and impressions.  Sarah and our recruitment team did that for me and it helped massively, even though I came from a very similar model of firm.

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