“I wish I had started years ago!” 1 year at gunnercooke with Emma Holden-Shah

July 17, 2023
Emma Holden-Shah


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Emma Holden-Shah, a gunnercooke Real Estate Partner, recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary at gunnercooke. She sat down to discuss what her life has been like since joining and to answer questions about the firm, and how it works for her.

What has been your highlight at gunnercooke so far?

The highlight has definitely been onboarding my previous contacts and clients. Before I started at gunnercooke I had a year and a half out of work so it was exciting seeing some of my clients again and having them join the gunnercooke infrastructure. It’s also been amazing to see how many events take place and that there are so many opportunities to grow your own business and work with new clients. 

What do you wish you could tell yourself a year ago?

That I wish I had started years ago! The firm offers something that is completely different and has been such a good fit for me.

Has there been any hurdles that you’ve had to overcome?

Adjusting to working on my own was tough as I was used to working within a team of 4. But gunnercooke has a really great support network in place to help with filling in those gaps. I’ve managed to find a very good secretary who has been a great help, as well as friends who will look after work for me when I go on holiday.

Is there anything that you’d love to accomplish in the coming years?

I’d love to build a team around me, with the help of the gunnercooke team. I miss having a team around me, but also love the freedom of being in charge of my own workload. I’m still growing my practice too so I am looking forward to continuing to do that.

What have you learnt since being at gunnercooke?

I have learnt that I am efficient, organised and can do any task I set my mind to! Running my own business was daunting but I have enjoyed it and have learnt a lot along the way.

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