It’s all about the people: one year at gunnercooke with Ninos Simon 

February 28, 2023
Ninos Simon


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What a year it’s been! Looking back, I wish I had never doubted what I viewed as a ‘leap of faith’ when joining gunnercooke. Moving to the firm has been the best decision for both my practice and my career so far. 

I’m surrounded by some of the most highly regarded Real Estate Finance Partners in our industry and working alongside them has been a massive benefit to me, my practice and my clients. Everyone is happy to help, whether it’s joining me on a matter, linking me up with new connections, or offering advice on running my practice.  

Having access to an international network of experts in just about every practice area, sector or niche you can imagine is incredible. Whatever the need, someone at gunnercooke can help!  

Knowing these people and expanding my horizons has meant that I have been able to steer my expansion plans in the right direction. I have met some amazing Partners and gained a lot of lifetime friends.  

My highlight from my time so far at gunnercooke has to be the amazing people and the kind culture. Everyone I speak to at gunnercooke is genuinely happy to be here and happy to be working in this model. It is an incredibly unique culture and something that I have never come across before.  

I would strongly recommend gunnercooke to anyone thinking about a change in their career. We are a ‘legal heavyweight’ with a culture like no other.  

Ninos Simon is a Real Estate Finance Partner with experience of all aspects of property investment, secured lending transactions and Islamic finance loan products. To contact Ninos, click here.  

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