We spoke with lots of people who had engaged lawyers, asking them what they liked and what they thought could be improved.

They wanted to deal with an expert, who could provide the experienced advice they needed and quickly. They were happy to pay a fair price but they wanted to know the price beforehand and for it not to change.

For lawyers

gunnercooke was developed to provide lawyers with a rewarding, inspiring place to work. A law firm where experts can apply their craft, free of the constraints that slow them down elsewhere. As a gunnercooke lawyer, you have the freedom to work where you want, to do the work you want to do and to earn as much as you are able.

For clients

gunnercooke clients have access to legal services and expertise without the burden of traditional legal costs. Clients work with teams that make decisions based on merit, not tradition. Commercially-driven and experts in their fields, gunnercooke lawyers will help you realise your potential.

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