Private Client

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Private Client


Guillaume is a French lawyer (Juriste) with particular expertise in French property law and other matters relating to acquiring and holding assets in France and subject to French law such as wills, inheritance and tax issues.

Much of Guillaume’s work involves providing comprehensive legal advice for English-speaking clients acquiring and holding assets in France.

His role often requires him to deal with various legal and tax aspects of transactions relating to French property, while taking into account the estate planning aspects resulting from such cross-border situations.

Guillaume understands the British way of thinking when advising on French law and, being French, he has an in-depth understanding of the way France and its administration, systems and people work.

He is passionate about working alongside his clients to solve issues and anticipate cross-border matters in an international context.


Guillaume Advises

  • Private clients
  • Solicitors and legal counsel
  • Companies and other corporate entities
  • Trusts and charities


Experience Highlights

  • Sale and purchase of various residential properties (including renovation projects and off-plan property) in France and other French territories (e g, St Barthelemy)
  • Property issues in relation to French commonhold (copropriété), leaseback schemes (résidences de tourisme), easements and covenants (servitudes)
  • Preparation and registration of French Wills and other estate planning measures for French assets
  • Regularisation of trusts holding assets in France or with beneficiaries and/or trustees residing in France
  • French probates implementing EU Regulation n°650/2012 on cross-border inheritance
  • Transfer of ownership of property as a result of divorce or separation
  • Property and construction-related disputes in conjunction with litigation lawyers in France


Career History

Previous Law Firms

  • Cubism Law
  • BHIM Ltd
  • Fox Hayes LLP
  • Gide Loyrette Nouel
  • Nick Hutchinson & Co

Professional Memberships and Business Associations

  • Franco–British Lawyers Society


  • University of Rennes I
  • University of Bordeaux IV
  • University of Pau et Pays de l’Adour