What If Kim and Kanye Got Divorced In Yorkshire?

November 30, 2022
Joe Bartlett


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I ain’t sayin’ tha’s a gold digger

When rumours first surfaced that Kim Kardashian was divorcing Kanye West, they broke the internet again. The tabloids were full of outlandish (and sometimes clearly untrue) speculations by celebrity commentators.  Now that news has surfaced that a settlement has been reached averting a trial, I could not help but compare what the newspapers reported with the more sedate world of a Yorkshire divorce.

Grounds for Divorce

In April 2022, after years of campaigning by Divorce specialists like myself, the Government finally changed the law banishing the need to establish one of five facts such as Adultery or unreasonable behaviour to show that the marriage has broken down. 

Kim and Kanye are said to be “amicable”, and therefore they would be able to divorce under the new no fault system without being forced to point the finger at the other party.

The new system is relatively painless and takes around 8 months in total, allowing Kim and Kanye to concentrate on more important things than the legal procedure to end a marriage.

Collaborative Law

With difficult conversations needed between Kimye and their lawyers, then it would be sensible for them to use the Collaborative Law process. The two lawyers would work through issues with key discussions taking place in an amicable manner around a table.  With their carefully cultivated media personas, both Kim and Kanye will want to keep as much control of their own affairs as possible. Retaining dignity is always hard in what is undoubtably one of the most difficult situations you can find yourself in so the collaborative process would be ideal.

There would be no need to attend court and all issues discussed would be kept private and away for the prying eyes of the press.


Reports confirm that the world’s most famous couple will share custody of their four children.  In Yorkshire, there would be no need to get the Courts involved.  They automatically share parental responsibility, and the law encourages separating couples to reach an agreement without the involvement of Courts.   

However, If Kim suddenly realises that a child called North West in Yorkshire is going to have her potted beef and Hendos breadcake stolen at lunch, I am afraid she can’t change her name without Kanye’s consent.

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Kanye famously sang, “we want pre-nup!” so it is safe to assume that that a comprehensive agreement was signed by the couple.  In Yorkshire, pre-nups are not automatically legally binding but they will be upheld so long as they meet certain criteria.  I’m assuming Kim came to see me before she married so I am confident that the agreement will be upheld and they’ll both have to make do with their reported $2 billion pot.

So there we have it, the Yorkshire no nonsense approach to celebrity divorce. Somehow, I can’t see the tabloids liking this approach…

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