What is a charity lawyer and why do charities need legal support?

May 25, 2023
Michele Price


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Charities and other forms of not-for profits are businesses. At their heart is purpose rather than profit, but they’re still businesses and they need to make money to achieve that purpose.

Charities contribute around £15 billion to the UK economy. As businesses they need lots of different types of support, whether that be legal, business or strategic.

It’s very difficult to determine what a charity lawyer is, because what I tend to do is like being a conductor of an orchestra. It encompasses everything that a charity needs in terms of its governance, business, fundraising and strategy. All of that doesn’t come neatly under one heading or job title, so I need to call upon colleagues from across all different practice areas across the firm to help the charity at that particular time.

The above was taken from our video series, “90 seconds with a gunnercooke expert”. Michele’s episode can be found here.

If you’re a charity looking for legal support, you can contact Michele or read more about her practice here.

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